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IoT Insights & Startup Ideas

IBM (NYSE:IBM) announced recently that it will invest $3 billion over the next four years to establish a new Internet of Things (IoT) unit, and that it is building a cloud-based open platform designed to help clients and ecosystem partners build IoT solutions.

This immediately shows the importance of analyzing data, most of which is not used at all, much less used to derive the business insights that are hiding right in front of you in the data.

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Mobile Apps & SMB ROI

The mobile mind shift is driving application developers’ business peers and customers to expect (and demand) support for a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. But building mobile apps is different from building websites or traditional client/server applications. It’s not just the technologies that are different — development processes need to be faster and produce higher-quality apps in order to meet higher expectations.

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Accusoft Infoways Launches Technology Consulting CTO level Service

Dear All,

Wanted to share with you an announcement we made regarding my start-up company Accusoft Infoways. As noted by the subject of the headline, we launched a Technology Consulting CTO level Service for Software Application development that helps you in gearing up for radical improvement in requirement analysis, performance optimization, delivery and quality assurance – We can help you out with tailored technical consulting!

Would be happy to share more information if you are interested in getting involved and work together.

Why we started Technology Consulting concept for our company?

Offshore Software Development is missing major points while delivering software. The missing points are Proper requirement study, Business need, Scalability, Performance, Security, and Testing.

Offshore Software Development process is very lengthy and difficult to understand for non-tech-savvy clients who do not have an idea of the solution, technology. The client generally focuses on their budget, time constraints, and feature. Most of the time it is observed software vendor team are wasting their time and resource in formalizing the specifications and gets the wrong direction to the client. As a result, the software delivers without following the proper guidance of Software Architecture & Deployment.

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