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There are many, many businesses that could benefit from an app – do you know if you’re one? Here is some info for you, especially if you’re having trouble seeing how it would help your business – there is a link for 547 ideas below!

Statistics on mobile usage and adoption to inform your mobile marketing strategy.*
We’re now past the mobile Tipping Point as thisreportfrom comScore shows. So it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is! It’s now a question of using the statistics to understand how consumers behave when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are.

Percentage of consumers using mobile devices:
PC/Laptop – 91%
Smartphone – 80%
Tablet – 47%
Smartwatch – 9%

This is a pretty compelling set of statistics to make the case your business could well benefit from a mobile app. And it’s only growing – and exponentially, to boot!

Insight from comScore published in theirFebruary 2014 market reviewshows the picture that marketers need to build up. The data shows that the majority of consumers are “multi-screening”, accessing retail sites on mobile or desktop, so consistent experiences across devices need to be deployed

This data from Nielsen on mobile media time shows the consumer preference for mobile apps which account for 89% of media time in mobile as might be expected from the use of the most popular social network, email and news apps:
Monthly usage of Apps vs. Mobile Web
Men: 29.5 vs 3.75 hrs
Women: 31 vs. 3.75 hrs.

Best sources for mobile marketing statistics?

Google Mobile Planet. A regular survey of different countries starting in 2011, last updated in 2013, this enables you to create your own reports.

Comscore Digital Future Series – Comscore is one of the key worldwide sources useful for marketers to help us find out about the changes in the use of mobile media by consumers.

Mobile Apps overtake PC Internet usage in U.S.**

Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January. Apps made up 47% of Internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers, according to data from comScore, cited Thursday by research firm Enders Analysis. PCs clocked in at 45%.

Although total Internet usage on mobile devices has previously exceeded that on PCs, this is the first time it’s happened for app usage alone.

Smartphone adoption, meanwhile, increased 39%, according to research firm IDC. This trend will likely continue thanks to the improved user experience on mobile apps and the expansion ofhigh-speed 4G access, said Andrew Lipsman, vice president of marketing and insights at comScore (SCOR).

As of January, 55% of American adults had smartphones, while 42% owned tablets,according tothe Pew Research Center.

If you have an app, you’ll sell more product and make more money.
You will share more information and gain more followers.
This will only increase with time and the increase in mobile devices.

BONUS: If you want some ideas for apps, here are 547 ideas!

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