On Demand CTO Service

What do startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do when they need a technology consulting partner on a complex software project but are unable to afford one? Well, you can do worse than approach two-year-old Accusoft Infoways, an Ahmedabad based firm that provides CTO (Chief Technology Officer) solutions for an affordable fee.

“A full-time CTO would have to be paid 110-120k USD a year while the CTO services provided by Accusoft Infoways are at least 30 % cheaper”, said Ray Edwards, CEO, and Co-Founder – who founded the firm in 2013 along with Ankur.

The two, with a combined work experience of 16 years in the Information Technology software domain, reckon that of the approximately 200,000 qualified IT professional degrees passed out every year in India, less than 15 percent are CTO level material, and it would take 15 years to develop them into quality CTOs.

Accusoft Infoways is targeting companies that have 10 people to 100 employees or more and do not have a CTO, fast-growing start-ups that are looking for CTO services, the increasing number of multinational companies that are open to a hired – CTO model.

“Even if we look at a market size of around 10,000 companies, it is a good market in India.”

Accusoft Infoways tailors its services to suit clients requirements. “We have sent 2 people to work with one company at a time, and a CTO for two days a week for another company,” said Ankur. Clients also hire a CTO for one-off assignments in technology like BigData, IoT and Enterprise Mobility, for which a full-time CTO is not required.

Also in Accusoft Infoway’s cross-hairs are companies which require a CTO but are unable to attract the right talent, those whose CTO may have resigned and who need an interim replacement or where a CTO is in place but needs support in project-specific initiatives, or promoters averse to employing highly-paid full-time CTO.

We are a good midway path for these companies“, Ray said. The company has also been working in the US & Europe.

The company collects a fixed fee for its services, which it has offered to some startups. ______________________________________________________________

Accusoft Infoways, a new global powerhouse, is able to partner with you at less expense and with more experience than you can find anywhere else in the world.

Accusoft Infoways manages all manner of technologies, from IoT, Cloud, Performance Optimization, Architecture, to Mobile Applications. The difference you’re looking for is Project Management of every aspect of your idea, from evaluation and technology to security and implementation – and especially cost-effectiveness.

“We closely oversee our client’s full information technology needs thereby allowing management to focus on primary business functions.”

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