Business Requirement

The initial idea of client was to develop Open Community network that includes different domains such as Travel, Music, Healthcare, Religions into one and allow customer to choose any domain based on their need.



The client came to Accusoft Infoways with the unique concept. We at initial level extensively researched and studied the case and provided the solution which as follows -

At an initial stage, our consultant has spent good amount of times to study the domains that client has suggested and do the depth gap analysis to identify common modules that can used at initial level and helpful for business as well revenue point of view.

We divided consulting team as per the module wise. Their role was to study the domain, identify features, and map to identify common modules, Define Architecture.

Once we identified the common module, the next task was to fit all of into the System. So the next task was to define the flexible architecture that has solid Database Mapping, Identification of Business Rules that covers all scenarios.

Once we defined architecture and features, the next things was to prepare static prototype for client. Based on this prototype we identified best marketing strategy to get initial customers who are interested to buy this subscription plan. We do have involved our marketing system to do data research work, cold-calling and set up meeting with client to showcase this Proof of concept.

Within 3 months, client has got good numbers of customers who were interested to buy this product